World Hackathon Day

The world has changed. The challenges that have arisen due to COVID-19 are forcing us to work together on global solutions. There is a huge need for technological solutions for issues such as health, education, economy, tourism, and more. These industries have been hurting, and need to reconfigure how they operate.

The international Hackathon initiative led by Israel in collaboration with embassies, high-tech corporations, and cities the world over, that call for cooperation to generate solutions for the many challenges we face. Our emphasis is on new technologies to fit the new world we are entering. There is a need for new ways of thinking and far-reaching international mobilization.

 We operate via a digital platform that will establish a community for the Hackathon. This community will deepen their knowledge of the challenges at hand through lectures by top experts in their fields, and work together to create solutions, even after the Hackathon taking place on May 29th-31st.

1. Social solidarity

2. New technology for a new world

3. Uniting the world to collaborate against the many obstacles we face

Join our unique webinar and learn more about mitigating loneliness during COVID-19

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