Staying Together

The “Staying Together” initiative connects people suffering from coronavirus with their families across Israel.

In Israel, a disproportionate amount of those that have contracted the virus are senior citizens and ultra-Orthodox Jews that lack constant access to technology or are simply incapable of operating the technology available to them. As such, these communities have been unable to keep in contact with their loved ones during the crisis.

During this particularly worrying time, people are experiencing feelings of severe anxiety, longing and loneliness, which is all the more amplified when people can’t connect with their families.

We in “Staying Together” utilize easy-to-use video and telecommunication technology to connect families to their loved ones who are sick with the virus. These interactions strengthen the sick and help them cope with their new reality.

In the most difficult cases, families can say goodbye to their loved ones should the worst come to pass. These important interactions occur without the need for medical professionals to be present, thereby allowing them to treat other patients and the families to have proper privacy.

We provide the technological means including smartphones and tablets to various wards, each specially optimized to allow easy and accessible use. Our technology can be operated remotely, so medical teams and the patients do not have to. With the help of volunteers, we are equipped to arrive at locations without internet access and arrange smooth internet connection so that loved ones can see each other.

The initiative has successfully completed its pilot in the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem and has provided communication tech to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya.

The initiative is in close contact with numerous medical facilities throughout Israel and is preparing to implement its programs on a wide scale across the country.

  1. Mutual responsibility
  2. National responsibility during times of crisis.
  3. Assisting those in need.

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