SOAPY- Life Through Smart Hygiene

In the past few months, there have been ongoing discussions on the best measures to prevent infections of COVID-19. Above all else, there was broad consensus on the importance of handwashing.

While that may sound simple enough, there are certain little-known elements to handwashing that make the practice more effective:

– Handwashing needs to be performed often 

– Correct technique should be employed

– Duration of handwashing should be of appropriate length

The ECO micro-stations provide support for all 3 elements.

It indicates duration and wash-quality to the users in real-time and keeps wash-cycle data within the Soapy Wisdom database, enabling facility managers to have a more informed conversation about hand hygiene quality and frequency with employees.

As we return to our workplaces, it has become a corporate responsibility to provide sufficient infrastructure for personal hygiene. ECO micro-stations provide precisely that, and can be easily installed in a variety of locations.

– Creating a better future for our kids.

– Being mindful of our environment and society.

– Enjoying the process.

Aligning mass production capabilities and timelines with the fulfillment of customers’ demand during the COVID-19 era.

  • Don’t aim to build a single project – build a company


  • Embrace your failures – this will make it easier for you to learn from them and implement the lessons towards future success


  • The vision is boss – make sure everyone in your company (including the founders and even CEO) are working for the vision rather than an external goal like money or fame.

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