One Heart

The only volunteer organization in Israel that dedicates itself to mobilizing volunteers during emergencies. One Heart, which was established in 2005, recruits and manages a network of volunteers across Israel during local and national emergencies, and is subject to the jurisdiction of the municipal authority wherever they are volunteering.

Since its inception, the organization has mobilized over 26,000 civilian volunteers.

During the coronavirus pandemic, our infrastructure, personnel and resources were fully operational, which allowed us to execute swift, wide-scale responses at every level of society.

One Heart was established out of an acute understanding that during times of emergency, authorities need a comprehensive and organized operating mechanism to efficiently manage volunteers, down to specific teams. An inability to efficiently manage thousands of volunteers can lead to serios deficiencies in crisis response.

The uniqueness of One Heart lies in its day-to-day activity. Without fail, we work tirelessly to certify volunteers and volunteer operators throughout Israel.

Our organization is constantly deepening the relationship between the relevant authorities and volunteer teams and creating local response teams. Furthermore, we instill specific methodologies to various volunteer bodies, with the aim of creating a singular national modus operandi for emergency volunteers.

We believe that the principle of mutual responsibility is the first line of defense for the State of Israel. A society that can mobilize during crises is a society that can stand strong in the face of any obstacle.

  • Operate in your locale– always act to develop your own local community


  • Collaborate and create partnerships– One Heart successfully developed partnerships with 64 organizations and 82 local authorities. Always strive to cultivate grassroots partnerships, as those create the largest impact.


  • Project creation- the key is not simply connecting volunteers with those who need them. Rather, its about establishing cohesive management methodologies even during times of crisis.  

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