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Covid-19 Solutions & AIFL organization present:

Covid-19 is unique. Not only is it leading to groundbreaking medical innovations but it has also created an unprecedented sense of community, empathy and engagement.  New organizations created, not guided by a quick exit strategy, but rather by strategies to help others at this time of fear, loneliness and uncertainty.

Join us to listen to a panel of four young Israeli entrepreneurs who have been harvesting their skills during the crisis and who have been leading the charge in creating new social ventures for a greater social benefit.

Panelists will discuss their initiatives that include:

  • An emergency situation volunteer mobilization platform
  • A “Happy Hour” that connects isolated elder adults to hi-tech workers
  • A remote video system family “bonder” for families separated by quarantine
  • A hospital bed tablet companion to provide internet accessibility

Participating projects and speakers

Staying together

Staying together

The “Staying Together” initiative connects people suffering from coronavirus with their families across Israel. We in “Staying Together” utilize video and telecommunication to connect those families to their loved ones who are sick with the virus with simple and easy-to-use technology. These interactions strengthen the sick and help them cope with their new reality. In the most difficult cases, families can say goodbye to their loved ones should the worst come to pass. These important interactions occur without the need for medical professionals to be present, thereby allowing them to treat other patients.

about the speaker:

Lahav Deri

A young innovative buisness developer. Lahav is a Real Estate investor in the U.S market and one of the founders of the “staying together” initiative.

What we’ll speak about:

Actually, Lahav just got back from Italy, he and his friends flew in order to try to replicate their initiative – in communities that would need it abroad.

After a long but satisfying journey in the Israeli community, Lahav will tell us the story behind the fascinating initiative which trying to overcome the deep social distancing in the society. In fact, they are trying to face something that is greater than that social distance; it’s also a mental one, physical and even existential.

When you think about it, Lahav’s initiative is the best example of the “COVID-19 exit strategy”. The simplicity and applicable method of “staying together” will be an excellent infrastructure to address the physical remoteness of patients who need to be isolated from their families, regardless of Corona. In fact, the ability to share and export ideas and practices with communities from around the world – this is the best crisis exit strategy in the universe.

one heart

one heart

Who we are: 

The only volunteer organization in Israel that dedicates itself to mobilizing volunteers during emergencies. One Heart, which was established in 2005, recruits and manages a network of volunteers across Israel during local and national emergencies, and is subject to the jurisdiction of the municipal authority wherever they are volunteering. Since its inception, the organization has mobilized over 26,000 civilian volunteers. During the coronavirus pandemic, our infrastructure, personnel and resources were fully operational, which allowed them to execute swift, wide-scale responses at every level of society. 

About the speaker:

Since 2002 Roni has served as the Founder and CEO of the ‘Or Movement’. The movement’s goal is to develop and settle the Negev and Galilee areas and work towards a holistic solution for young people and affordable housing in the periphery. Today the Or Movement is a central player in the issue of settlement and housing and partners with the government on decision making involving the periphery and advancing dozens of projects in the Negev and Galilee. Under Roni’s leadership the movement has settled approximately 25,000 residents in these areas and has been actively involved in regulation concerning housing and advancing the Israeli geographic periphery. During his military service, Roni served as a combat soldier and Team Commander in the ‘Egoz’ unit. 

What we’ll speak about:

  • What’s the story behind Lev Echad? 
  • What’s the operative method to create such a huge system of trained (and hear trained) volunteers that will be available to act in emergency time? 
  • What’s the scale of imact in numbers? How do we measure it?
  • 4 tips you can start to it by yourself   
Light From Generation To Generation

Light From Generation To Generation

Who we are: A social initiative that primarily assists senior citizens living in retirement homes, through the tech system called “family home” – a tech system, which allows seniors retirement homes to contact their families via Zoom and Skype with an easy and accessible method. 

About the speaker: 

Yoav Izhar-Prato

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Yoav is Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board at Kenshoo. As the founder of several startups around the globe in the area of Internet and mobile applications and former manager of ECI Thailand, Yoav brings more than 20 years of product, marketing and business management to Kenshoo. 

What we’ll speak about:

  1. What’s the story behind the initiative? 
  2. What’s Its actual impact in numbers?
  3. Practical tips to help implement these ideas by yourself, anytime, anywhere in the world?
Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Who we are:

Volunteerism is something we often struggle to find time for even if we want to. Between work, school and a personal life, helping others becomes something that we’ll “do when we have time.” The initiative Happy Hour ensures that you won’t have to invest huge chunks of time to make others happy – and yourself as well.

We love complaining that we don’t have time even though- and this will be our little secret- we have at least one hour of free time every day (don’t believe us? Check how much time you spend on Facebook).

The Happy Hour initiative will not only disconnect you from wasted time on social media, but also connect you with other likeminded people with shared hobbies and interests. You’ll even get to chalk up some volunteer hours while you’re at it!

Happy Hour was established by Roni Fiblovitz who missed the time spent with her grandfather, Pesach Fiblovitz. “We were very close. We met every week and played cards together. Our bond grew deep,” Roni explained. When Pesach passed away at age 101, he left a great sense of longing inside Roni.

Her desire to perpetuate his memory and the need to ease her sense of longing brought the Happy Hour initiative into the world, which aims to connect young people and the elderly for lighthearted and fun hangouts that last, of course, one hour. “I created the project to foster a bond between the young and the old, not out of familial or employment connections, but out of fun activities together,” added Roni. “We all have hobbies and it can be hard sometimes to make time for them. This project gives people room to devote time into your hobby, yourself, and somebody else.”


About the speaker:

Noga Pfeffermann

Program Director at “Dor l’ Dor”

Noga was born and raised in Israel, she is an experienced director, educator, and social entrepreneur.
She holds a B.A in Political Science and Communications from the Hebrew University and an MBA from the Mandel Social Leadership program at Ben Gurion University, both graduated with honors.
She was a senior guide at the Israeli Civics and Democracy Center and was the elected representative at the Student Union Board of the Hebrew U.
Later she worked as the director of special programs at the Israeli Consulate in New York and as a community manager at “Different Talk”, a joint project of Google and the Lautman Foundation.
She is the Co-Founder of “Young Politicians”, a political training program for female students, lives in Tel-Aviv and is the proud “mom” of her puppy Luka

What we’ll speak about:

  • The story behind
  • 5 tips how you can implement it by yourself
  • How do you measure your impact?

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