One of the main challenges of the pandemic is its ability to rapidly circulate throughout the population.

In order to prevent widescale infection, countries have instituted strict lockdown orders, which has caused significant economic consequences.

Conversely, other countries have implemented “targeted isolation” aimed at quarantining only the individuals who have likely contracted the virus. So, how do these countries know who has likely been infected? That’s where we come in.

By using our popular GLOBEKEEPER mobile application on smart devices like iPhones or Androids, we can identify when individuals come into contact each other, while maintaining their privacy.

The GLOBEKEEPER app stores all information anonymously and is never transmitted to a third party.

When someone is diagnosed with the virus, s/he can share that information on the app without revealing their identity, and then other uses will be notified by the app if they come into close contact with someone who has contracted the virus.

When users receive such a notification, they can then request to be tested by their local Health Departments and self-quarantine.

We feel duty-bound to use the technology we possess to help save lives and prevent mass economic turmoil (which itself can be indirectly fatal to people). We cannot sit idly by and wait for someone to save us- we need to take action ourselves.

Uncertainty. Regulations worldwide are constantly changing, information about the virus itself is updating, and the economy is volatile. Living life day by day is difficult. One prime example is Apple & Google’s recent entry into the market with free solutions.

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