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We are a group of young Israelis who came together to create a global digital community where innovators and leaders from across Israel, Jewish communities and the greater world can share their knowledge, innovations and solutions in the spirit of avrut hadadit, mutual responsibility, between the Jewish people and society at large. We see this global crisis as an opportunity for communities to support and help one another, starting with the sharing of best practices and ideas. 

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From Tel Aviv to Rome to New York, all of us are working to adapt to this crisis as efficiently and effectively as possible. COVID-19 Solutions aims to create one platform to help us support one another today and in the days following the crisis.  Our communities are all experiencing overlapping hardships and seeking and developing relevant solutions, whether it be regarding the elderly, farmers, medical practitioners, creating a sense of community in times of social distancing, or helping small businesses.
Israel, which is seemingly coming out of the corona storm, is looking to organize and spread certain solutions which have already been tested in Israel, and bring them to other Jewish and non-Jewish communities who are experiencing similar challenges. At the same time, we are looking to discover relevant models being developed in other communities and share them with leaders experiencing similar challenges today. Join the platform by contributing your community’s own set of needs and tested models.

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