Covid-19 Solutions​

COVID-19 Solutions Matching Needs with solutions between Israel, Jewish communities and the greater world.

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Corona disrupts our lives and creates many social and communal challenges, why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to?

COVID-19 Solutions was launched to create a joint platform between Israel, Jewish communities and the greater world to connect needs with already-tested solutions being generated during the coronavirus pandemic.

This initiative aims to empower not just the Jewish people but the greater world to support and uplift the other through the sharing of knowledge, innovations and solutions. 

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Learn with our experts how to tackle COVID-19 issues in our online lessons.

june 10, 2020

Entrepreneurial Community Outreach at a Time of Crisis

Join us to listen to a panel of four young Israeli entrepreneurs who have been harvesting their skills during the crisis and who have been leading the charge in creating new social ventures for a greater social benefit
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june 2, 2020

The New Normal? The Change Begins here

Its going to be "a whole new world" they tell us. A world where humanity gets used to interacting in virtual spaces; a world where our next trip to Mexico or the Philippines will look very different. Come and join us to learn a little bit about "tomorrow" – it's going to be all about technology, tourism & humanity.
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May 26, 2020

creating virtual friendships

When was your last opportunity to meet a person from another culture? To create a deep relationship, and not one of those boring online connections? A connection that actually made you feel...? In this webinar, we will have the chance to remove our masks for a moment and experience intimacy through virtual screens.
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May 25, 2020

Innovation and creativity during COVID-19

A Ted Talk-style panel with 3 fascinating speakers, all of whom are leaders of technological, social and community-based initiatives, and are highly dedicated to providing practical solutions to the problems we all face!
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connect with other covid-19 social entrepreneurs to promote solutions together

Our online community will expose you to pioneering entrepreneurs, experts and leading initiatives against the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s your time to connect and be inspired!

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